The outstanding and most praised Carmènere of Chile obtained 2018 one of the highest qualifications and twice.

Two of the most renowned wine critics worldwide, James Suckling and Natalie McLean, recognized Purple Angel 2015 as a phenomenal wine. The former editor of the magazine Wine Spectator and the writer and winner of World's Best Drink Writter, were amazed with our Purple Angel and rated it with one of the highest notes received by a wine in the world.

James Suckling

In March 2018, he was awarded 99 points (out of 100) by James Suckling, journalist and one of the most recognized wine critics worldwide:

James Suckling

The critic published: "This is perhaps the greatest Purple Angel created, with a great body, adjusted and concentrated with an extraordinary texture and consistency, fantastic tannins, fine, silky and refined, I love its energy and intensity". Ideal for the guard, although I can not wait to drink it again".

Natalie McLean

And then in May 2018, he again scored 99 points (2015 vintage), a score awarded by the well-known critic and Canadian wine writer, Natalie McLean.

Natalie McLean

The writer referred to Purple Angel: "There is a reason for this Chilean wine to become a cult one, Purple Angel will make you feel as if you have gone to heaven in a cloud of sensory pleasure".

The Super Carmenère of Chile

Purple Angel has been cataloged as a wine from another planet, a great pride for Chilean wine and what keeps us working to achieve excellence. The wine is a 92% Carmenère and 8% Petit Verdot, as an additional fact this is the first wine in Chile with "green" sale, which means that it is bought before it is ready.

92% Carmenère and 8% Petit Verdot

Chile today is the main producer of Carmenère, strain that was re-discovered only 12 years ago in our country, believing itself extinct after the attack of phulloxera in its ancestral home in Bordeaux, in 1880. For this reason it is also called the grape " Jurassic Park. "