Trees & Seas 2022


During the month of July, we again participated in the international forest and ocean conservation festival, Trees & Seas, where our team, together with the Ancud community, and 250 volunteers from different organizations, collected a total of 750kg of waste during a beach cleanup on the Puquillihue beach, and planted around 15,000 trees in the Pudeto wetlands.


Sustainability has always been an important part of what we do, which is why we join with organizations like Plastic Oceans and ÜÑÜ, who are agents of change and with whom we can help generate a real and significant impact in the communities where we are present. 

At Montes, we believe it is fundamental to involve ourselves in caring for the environment.  Sustainability is the future, and we will continue working every day to protect our planet for future generations. 

Together we can combat plastic waste and the loss of native forests! 

Despite the inclement weather, with intense rain and low temperatures, our team participated enthusiastically in the planned activities during this year’s Trees & Seas. 


“Being a part of this project, sponsored by Montes, is an honour. To promote the protection of our environment and increase sustainability awareness is part of our DNA, so to be able to participate together with the team from our winery was incredibly gratifying. We know the importance of what it means to give back, even if it’s just a drop in the bucket, cleaning beaches and planting native trees. There’s definitely still a lot more to do, and our mission is to educate future generations. Let’s keep going!"

Evelyn Ramírez – Commercial Manager, Chile

"It was a really transformative experience. To be able to contribute, even in a small way, to
caring for the environment, learning about the realities of this beautiful community in Ancud, it was really gratifying, while at the same time makes us seriously question the kind of lifestyle we all lead today."

Daniela Chávez - Brand Manager

"Participating in festivals like Trees & Seas helps to fill the soul and brings us closer to our angels."
Rodrigo Barria – Agricultural Manager 

"It was a unique experience, learning about the winery’s installations, with all of the mysticism of Chiloé, it was really an enriching experience."

Guillermo Silva – Hospitality Manager

"Traveling to visit the winery in Chiloé was an extraordinary experience. The group helped contribute to a beautiful adventure; the landscape, the weather, and the people were all  extraordinary.

The work we did on the beach is something everyone should do, because you wouldn’t believe the amount of damage we’re causing to nature. Personally, it convinced me of the importance of  recycling.

Planting the trees in Ancud was so impressive, working in a team with people I’d just met, for a good cause, was very emotional."

Luis Cabezas – Administration and Finance Manager

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