Wisdom in Wine

Taita is Montes’ latest, supreme achievement. Our first ‘super-icon’ - vinified with passion, hallmark oenological rigour, and above all, wisdom. Put simply, it represents the sum of all the knowledge we have gained over 25 years of making fine wines.

Many years’ patient observation and research led us to a specific site in one of our best vineyards, from which comes this great wine of generous intensity, wonderful complexity and sublime elegance. Despite years of winemaking at the highest level, our drive to improve and perfect remains undiminished. Which is why we feel can allow ourselves a little pride in launching this prestigious new addition to our range.

Our approach has always involved a degree of dreaming – about what’s possible beyond the immediate, when all obstacles are overcome and we discover the true greatness of a unique and exceptional terroir. Taita is in that sense a dream come true – the best from our vineyards together with the fruit of Montes wisdom.

Firma Aurelio Montes