The Wine

  • The Super Carmenère of Montes

    This superb wine represents a whole new dimension for Carmenère, the long-lost grape variety that recently resurfaced in Chile after being presumed extinct in Bordeaux, its original home. In Chile, we consider it our ‘signature’ variety and call it the ‘Jurassic Park’ grape that returned from the past.

    Montes were pioneers on the Chilean wine scene when we created our super-premium wines: the Montes Alpha range, and icons Montes Alpha M and Montes Folly. Montes also led the way to quality by planting vineyards on steep hillsides. But we also know when to wait.

  • Aurelio Montes held back on releasing a Carmenère, preferring to take his time and work with the ‘new’ variety until satisfied that his wine would be a top contender, the very best Montes could produce. It was worth the wait: this beauty (a blend of 92% Carmenère and 8% Petit Verdot, aged for 18 months in new French oak barrels) is touched by the wings of an angel ... a purple angel!