• Opened in December 2004, our Apalta winery and cellar has the capacity to hold 2,300,000 liters of wine. Its construction heralded a big step forward in the production of the most acclaimed Montes red wines: Montes Alpha, Montes Alpha M, Montes Folly and Purple Angel. The technology and equipment in the winery is state-of-the-art, helping us produce what we consider the best wines in Chile.

    Its location on the lower slopes of the vineyards provides a spectacular panoramic view of the upper hillsides. The lines of the winery building blend in with the gentle slope of the vineyards and the surrounding natural beauty.

    Several Chilean leaders in their fields were behind the winery project: architect Samuel Claro, of Claro y Swinburn, was in charge of its design and construction; renowned designer Paula Gutierrez created the warm, stylish interior, and an atmosphere in which visitors can enjoy their visit and tastings to the full. The landscapist Adriana Edwards created the graceful park and gardens.
  • The Feng Shui concept
    From the first drawing board ideas, we were insistent that its design incorporated the principles of Feng Shui. With the help of Chilean expert Silvia Galleguillos, all the prime elements – water, metal and wood – were incorporated into the design in accordance with the principles of the Chinese system, ensuring harmony in a positive atmosphere. At the entrance of the winery, a wooden access bridge crosses a small lagoon, whose water flows towards the building in accordance with the fundamental principle of Feng Shui, that prosperity will only come if the water, representing energy, flows towards the center of the building, not away from it. At the center of the winery a fountain lies directly under a lily-shaped skylight, representing the sun and moon: the point from which energy is distributed, connecting the building to the outside universe.