• Our estate is located only 7 kms (4.4 miles) east of the coast. The sea´s influence on the climate is strong: cooling westerly sea breezes create temperatures that allow the vines to develop character, elegance and individuality.

    The Zapallar climate is characterized by cold springs, with mild morning fogs that burn off under the midday sun, and average temperature highs of 25ºC (77ºF) and lows of 12ºC (54ºF). After the summer, the cool conditions lead to a slow and extended ripening period. Zapallar’s unique soil, a mixture of granite and clay, provides moderate drainage, producing rich, full-bodied and savory wines. Our viticultural and winemaking skills, adapted to this extreme climate, produce intense, aromatic wines of exceptional balance, with mature flavors and tannins.

  • Zapallar Grapes

    Our new coastal plantations are proving the Zapallar’s potential for white wines, like our Sauvignon Blanc vineyards, and the delicate red variety Pinot Noir. Our 45 hectares (109 acres) of vines are the very first to have been planted in this location.